In this class we will connect with the ancient wisdom teachings of The Bone Mother. We will learn how the twin processes of Creation and Destruction operate in our lives and how Winter is a time for reflection, hibernation and releasing all that serves no more. The Bone Mother is one of the manifestations of The Pregnant Hag (please check out my FREE welcome webinar titled Meet The Pregnant Hag!) and her great secret is that if we surrender willingly to the process of letting go - She (and Life) will treat us less harshly when our dark nights of the soul occur...

Please note that my second book is a great companion and handbook for people taking my sacred art classes! This is because I explain things in more detail (than webinars allow) and every chapter ends with a thought-provoking (even mind-bending) activity!

My (second) book Sacred Art – A Hollow Bone for Spirit (Where Art Meets Shamanism) tells the story of Sacred Art across cultures, continents and historical periods and makes a plea for sacred art to once again take its rightful place in our perception.

Making Sacred Art means stepping outside the realm of ego-led consciousness to become a hollow bone for spirit, so art becomes as mystery school process. When we connect to Divine forces greater than ourselves, creative blocks do not exist and healing occurs naturally.

If you complete all chapter activities, you will have an art portfolio by the time you finish reading this book!

The greatest piece of art we will ever make is our own life!

Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of Sacred Art and Seidr/Old Norse Traditions (the ancestral wisdom teachings of Northern Europe). She has published three books: Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) in 2016, Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit (Where Art Meets Shamanism) in 2019 and Medicine of the Imagination - Dwelling in possibility (an impassioned plea for fearless imagination) in 2020. She has presented her work on both The Shift Network and Sounds True. She appears in a TV program, titled Ice Age Shaman, made for the Smithsonian Museum, in the series Mystic Britain, talking about Neolithic arctic deer shamanism. She is currently finishing up her fourth book, about the pre-Christian spirituality of The Netherlands and Low Countries. She has already started her fifth book: about the runes of the Futhark/Uthark. Her response to the 2020 pandemic was starting an on-line school on Teachable called Pregnant Hag Teachings, to make more of her work available on-line!