Due to popular demand I started teaching on-line Seidr classes in January 2021. The recordings for all the classes in this series remain available as recordings. As I will return to in-person teaching in 2022 I am rethinking my on-line offerings and spacing them differently. This will allow to continue teaching on-line and to continue holding space for my wonderful communities of students!

Join us and meet kindred spirits!

I hope that you will also check out my books. They cover a lot of material and every chapter in every book end with chapter exercises. People who have worked diligently with these books have reported life-changing visions and insights.

See you all soon! Imelda


Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr/Old Norse Traditions (the ancestral wisdom teachings of Northern Europe). So far she has written five books, four non-fiction books: Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) in 2016, Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit (Where Art Meets Shamanism) in 2019, Medicine of the Imagination - Dwelling in Possibility (an impassioned plea for fearless imagination) in 2020, and one picture book for children aged 3 – 8 years: The Green Bear (Linnea and Lars meet the Bears in the Night Sky) Her upcoming nonfiction book, North Sea Water In My Veins (The Pre-Christian Spirituality of the Low Countries) will be published in June 2022. 

Imelda has presented her work on both The Shift Network and Sounds True. She appears in a TV program, titled Ice Age Shaman, made for the Smithsonian Museum, in the series Mystic Britain, talking about Mesolithic arctic deer shamanism. She is currently working on book #6 (her second book in The Green Bear Series) and twin books #7 and #8, a handbook for Rune Magicians about the runes of the Elder Futhark and Rune Compendium. In response to the 2020 pandemic Imelda opened an on-line school, called Pregnant Hag Teachings, to make some of her material available on-line.